Lago Agrio Field

Following is a list of sites in the Lago Agrio Field subject to judicial inspection by the Superior Court of Nueva Loja and marked to indicate whether they fell within Texaco's responsibilities to the Government of Ecuador. Click on the SiteID of interest to download the Judicial Inspection Reference Guide for that well site. Only those well sites that were inspected have their siteIDs underlined.

  Plaintiff   Refinery
  ChevronTexaco   Plaintiff & ChevronTexaco
  Production Station    
SiteID Requested by? Within Scope? Inspection Date
LA-01 Plaintiff Yes  
LA-02 (PDF, 3.3Mb) Plaintiff Yes 30-Nov-05
LA-05 Plaintiff Yes  
LA-06 (PDF, 3.6Mb) Plaintiff Yes 01-Dec-05
LA-10 Plaintiff Yes  
LA-11A Plaintiff No  
LA-11B Plaintiff No  
LA-15 Plaintiff No  
LA-23 Plaintiff No  
LA-25 Plaintiff No  
LA-28 Plaintiff No  
Lago Agrio Central ChevronTexaco No  
Lago Agrio Norte (PDF, 3.7Mb) Plaintiff & ChevronTexaco No 26,27-Jan-05