Three Types of Pits

Between 1995 and 1998, Texaco conducted a full and thorough environmental cleanup of sites within the former CEPE-Texaco consortium that were designated in its 1995 agreement with the government of Ecuador. The Remedial Action Plan that detailed the extent of work to be done, laid out the guidelines for treatment of three different classifications of pits.

Sites Remediated by Texaco Sites Excluded from the RAP Petroecuador
Mud and Water Pits "No Further Action" Pits "Change of Condition" Pits Petroecuador's Responsibility
  • Clear of oil / Empty of water
  • Treat soil and water, empty
  • Backfill with dirt
  • Level and contour
  • Revegetate
  • 161 pits within scope of work
  • Previously closed -Soil was not contaminated
  • Still in use by local community -Clean water pits used for bathing, washing clothes
  • Constructed after 1990 (after Texpet ceased their operations)
  • Still being used by Petroecuador or local community
  • Modified after field investigation - Responsibility of Petroecuador
  • Access was not granted by community
  • Sites that fell outside of Texaco's agreed upon scope of work
  • Sites consistent with Petroecuador's 62.5% majority interest in the Consortium that were not remediated by Texaco