last updated April 20, 2020
COVID-19 Response and Information
COVID-19 Response and Information
last updated April 20, 2020
We are committed to striking a balance between social distancing and supplying the world with the energy that is essential to respond to and recover from this unprecedented challenge.
Our priority is protecting our workers, families, communities and customers.
Working together to keep our stations safe
What we're doing at our company-operated stations
We require our employees and customers to practice social distancing while inside our stores. We are reinforcing these requirements with six-foot markers and social-distancing reminders on our music system.
We require our employees to use gloves, changing them in between tasks, and wear face coverings. We have installed plexiglass barriers and made hand sanitizer available for both employees and customers at the sales counters.
We have increased the frequency of cleaning to every 30 minutes.
We are cleaning all frequently touched surfaces, like countertops, door handles, dispensers, pin pads, buttons, and food equipment.
We have been following the CDC guidelines and the guidance of international and local health authorities and encouraging our retailers and marketers to do so.
Before you visit our stations
If you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms or a fever, avoid going to the gas station or any other retail merchant.
Avoid traveling in large groups.
Download the Chevron or Texaco mobile app to pay for fuel from the comfort of your vehicle. More on Mobile Payment.
Check Chevron's COVID-19 website or download the Chevron or Texaco app to see latest information regarding your station visit.
What you should do at our branded stations
Use the Chevron or Texaco mobile app to pay for fuel.
Cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face covering or mask.
Maintain 6 feet of social distancing space with others. Keep interaction to a minimum.
Carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipe with you and use them both before and after fueling.
Mobile Payment
Mobile Payment
A safer way to pay for fuel is with our mobile app.
Select fuel pump and pay from the driver's seat
After pumping, receive
Community Support
In response to COVID-19
Community Support
We believe in the power of humanity to solve any challenge. Together with our global partners, Chevron is enacting a series of social investment and support initiatives to help communities and nonprofits address the COVID-19 public health crisis.
We are contributing to the DonorsChoose program "Keep Kids Learning" with a $500,000 grant. Chevron's contribution to DonorsChoose aligns with our deeply rooted commitment to education and will help provide teachers in highest-need schools with grants to purchase essential remote learning supplies.

Outside the U.S, we are working with global partners on a variety of initiatives, such as helping to fund emergency services in remote parts of Western Australia and providing medical supplies to hospitals in Thailand.

Our global commitments total more than $12 million. Learn more about how Chevron is supporting the community during the COVID-19 crisis.