We've changed our look a bit over the years, but we've never  stopped fueling  adventure. Buckle up for a trip through time with the Texaco star.

Stars Stars


1902 - 1931

Texaco was born in Beaumont, Texas in 1902. Back then we called ourselves The Texas Company, but when a salesman saw the abbreviation "Texaco" in a telegram, it became our favorite nickname.


The first Texaco star arrived in 1903, when a 19-year-old Italian refinery worker suggested we embrace the five-pointed symbol of Texas. He later added a green "T" - a color scheme he probably picked up from the Italian flag.


Over time, the logo changed subtly. And we added new brands such as Havoline Oil, when we acquired Indian Refining Company in 1931.

Women working in factory Women working in factory
Man holding Texaco cart Man holding Texaco cart
Texaco lubricant Texaco lubricant
Old Texaco station Old Texaco station
Performance logo Performance logo


1932 - 1959

As Texaco grew, so did our commitment to performance. In 1932, we introduced Texaco Fire Chief gasoline, followed by Sky Chief gasoline in 1938 - bringing higher-octane options to pumps across America.


We also updated our look, debuting the white enamel-clad "Texaco Type" filling with a new "banjo" logo and sign in 1936.


And Texaco, the brand by which the public knew us, became our corporate name in 1959.

old texaco ad old texaco ad
Old Texaco ad Old Texaco ad
Texaco Station Texaco Station
Texaco dealers ad Texaco dealers ad
Old gas pump Old gas pump
You're welcome ad You're welcome ad
Texaco fire chief Texaco fire chief
Say yes Say yes
Firemans hat Firemans hat
Valor Valor
Texaco station Texaco station
Trust logo Trust logo


1960 - 1980

The 1960s were all about fast-moving changes, but travelers knew they could count on Texaco.


The long-running "Trust your car to the man who wears the star" advertising campaign began in 1962 and a hexagon version of our logo was introduced in 1963. Both would become icons of the road for an entire generation.


Talk about trusting your car to the man who wears the star. For a decade, beginning in 1975, Bob Hope became "Mr. Texaco," advertising Texaco on his TV specials.

Trust image 1 Trust image 1
Cap Cap
Texamatic fluid Texamatic fluid
Texaco station Texaco station
Trust image Trust image
Car Car
child on truck child on truck
Texaco logo Texaco logo


1981 - TODAY

The current Texaco star and modern station design launched in 1981. In 2001, Texaco and Chevron merged to become ChevronTexaco. Not long after, we added the cleaning power of Techron to every grade of our gasoline.


Today the Texaco star shines in 16 states and in countries around the globe. Wherever you see it, we're ready to help you get where you're going and get the best performance from your car.

Texaco station Texaco station
car with fish bowl car with fish bowl
car car
Texaco station Texaco station



Texaco Chief Sign

Bask in the glow of this Sky Chief neon sign. Ready to hang, no special winning required.